Curious? Read on to find out how it all works!

We guarantee to provide you with a non-intrusive, flexible tenant who assumes liability for the entire non-domestic rates bill whilst they are in occupation. . have a proven track record and have to date saved several million pounds for hundreds of landlords. We offer robust and ethical solutions that save owners and lessees of empty commercial and industrial properties in England or Wales over 82% off their empty property business rates. Our commission rate on the savings made is by far the lowest in the entire industry. introduce tenants ready to occupy your empty commercial or industrial property on a rent free basis for periods to suit you after which the property will then qualify for a 3 or 6 month exemption of empty property rates. Industrial properties qualify for a 6 month exemption period while other commercial property qualifies for a 3 month exemption period. Our tenants are totally flexible so will not affect your existing marketing arrangements of the premises, either for sale, or long-term let, you can simply continue unaffected. All our tenants will vacate the property at just 7 days or less to provide you full vacant poesssions in the event of a sale or the securing of a long term tenant.

Our fee for this service is guaranteed to always be under 18% of the actual saving generated by the triggering of a new 6 month rate free exemption period (the rate free period for commercial properrties such as shops and offices is 3 months), yielding you an overall saving of over 82% off the figure that you would otherwise have had to pay to the local authority.

The Process

1) Simply email us a scan of your latest non-domestic rates bill(s) or supply us with the salient figures.

2) The tenant and yourselves will sign the industry standard Short Term Commercial Lease. .

4) You pay our fee of under 18% of the rates that would have been payable for the following rate free period.

5) Our tenant immediately notifies the Local Authority Business Rates department of their tenancy and are sent the NDR bills.

7) At the termination date of your choice both yourseleves and the tenant notify the Rating Authority of reversion to you.

8) At the termiantion of the lease you will then commence a new 6 Months ZERO RATES PAYABLE exemption period (shops and offices commence a new 3 months period).

The service we offer is repeatable so we could save you money on your empty property business rates for as long as you are liable to pay them.