About LateSpace.com Limited

We founded the Empty Business Rates Reduction industry back in 2010. Throughout our five years of operation we've successfully offered the widest range of bespoke and innovative solutions individually tailored to our clients' exact requirements. Supported by high calibre administrative staff, all our professional consultants and managers have previously held senior Local Authority positions.

Over 21% of the FTSE 100 currently use our services and we act for some of the largest commercial landowners and developers in the United Kingdom. In addition to small, medium and large companies and HNW individuals we also act for the Sovereign Wealth Funds of two countries as well as Financial Institiutions, Pension Funds and REITS.

We're aware that some "boiler room" type characters have since jumped on the "business rates bandwagon". Although slickly designed websites and fantastic promises can often lure in the unwary, it's a simple process to verify the genuine actors.

The rogue firms often claim to be well established either by implication or direct claims. When we did an audit of the current Google AdWords bidders for the key phrase "business rates reduction" in February of this year (2015), we verified that the average age of the eight advertisers was just over 11 weeks old. Now just three months later in May, five out of the eight telephone numbers have been cut off. Very much a case of caveat emptor!

A quick visit to www.DueDil.com or www.CompaniesHouse.gov.uk can quickly verify the age of a prospective adviser. Always verify how long they've been in business and if they have misled you about that, why waste any more of your valuable time in checkingj the veracity of their other claims. Why not look us up?

We're the only EBRR company that makes a blanket guarantee to be pinned down to a minimum saving. You'll hear a lot of "up tos" and , "arounds" but the reality is that one of the more legitimate firms nonetheless promises savings of "up to 70%" yet the average saving of the 64 clients that switched to us this year was only 45%. That means that their former clients still wound up paying 55% of their EBR last year.

NO client of LateSpace.com has ever paid more than 18% of the total Empty Business Rates due on their empty commercial or industrial property.

LateSpace.com are able to offer a professional and innovative solutions to assist in relieving the ever increasing financial burden that continues to be placed on the owners and lessees of empty commercial and industrial properties. LateSpace.com guarantee to provide you with a non-intrusive, flexible tenant who will become liable for the whole of the non-domestic business rates.

Our team is dedicated to structuring bespoke programmes that are tailor made to your particular cicrumstances. We urge you to contact us today and start saving OVER 82% off your Empty Property Business Rates.

After you've checked us out, you'll realise why we're still Number 1. Why not get in touch with us today for a no obligation chat with one of our professionals. We promise that you won't regret talking to us..